The Playlist from 'Load Wedding' Will Get Your Desi Groove On

The Playlist from 'Load Wedding' Will Get Your Desi Groove On
The upcoming Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat starrer, Load Wedding is set to hit the cinema’s this Eid ul Azha. With their recently released music album comprising 5 tracks: Rangeya, Good Luck, Munday Lahore De, Kooch Na Karin and Fakeera, the audience will find the expressive songs to be very relatable.

Soulful lyrics are brought to life with splendid playback singers, including the likes of Mohsin Abbas Haider, Mulazim Hussain and yesteryear’s famed yet forgotten artist Saima Jahan. Fizza Ali Meerza, CEO Filmwala Pictures states,

“The music of Load Wedding is very different from our last 3 films. We have made sure that the music is very culturally rich and rooted. It will definitely be loved by the audience and will remind them of the beautiful Punjab.”

Shot in historically and culturally opulent locations like Hiran Minar and Old Lahore, with kites swaying in the air and richly decorated trucks and rickshaws paint an exuberating atmosphere. The impeccably captured essence of the vibrant Punjabi culture, traditions and craftsmanship does justice to the true Punjabi spirit.

One of our favorite songs from the album is Rangeya. The melodious and romantic tune and effortless on-screen chemistry between Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat will captivate your hearts and leave you humming. Nabeel Qureshi, Director Load Wedding said in a statement, “The musical arrangement of the songs is simply incredible! You are going to groove with the music and find yourself hum recurrently. All of us had a blast shooting for Load Wedding.”

Weddings in Pakistan are a full-fledged 4-day affair, not to mention the endless dance practices, choregraphed and rehearsed months-in-advance performances to upbeat music and competitive mehendi dance competitions between groom’entourage and bride’s squad. Munday Lahore De is the wedding dance-number of the season that paints that colourful village vibe created with traditional moti k phool, charpai and Fahad & Mehwish’s immaculately choregraphed danced steps. The rousing rhythms of the dhol, will make you want to fling up your arms, shake those feet and groove to the Punjabi folk music with your own Bhangra moves. Not to mention Fahad’s trend-setting brightly embroidered kurta will definitely capture your attention and inspiring the mehendi wardrobes of guys this wedding season’s.