Upgrading your Wardrobe

Upgrading your Wardrobe
Putting together what we call a chic ‘look’ in the fashion world is more about understanding your personal style and executing it with staples from your wardrobe. To be clear, picking an outfit exactly as is from a designer store will not make you fashionable or stylish! Every store tends to stock the needs of a diverse range of women. You must pick out what fits your style. Always remember, your style is something that cannot be forced. So pick something that fits you and resonates your personality and you can execute every single day with ease. Here are 4 ways to give your wardrobe a remake:

Understanding Your Style: Style is about working around yourself and your body, It is not about changing everything about yourself. So if you have flabby stomach or arms, perhaps wearing crop tops or sleeveless might not be the best choice. Understand your body and your personality before you revamp your wardrobe.

The Basics: Next step is to acquire the wardrobe staples. There are items that every woman must own. For high-street looks, a fantastic pair of denims and pants in black and white. Every woman must also have tops and camisoles in a variety of different colors. Basic shoe types is also a must- including, but not limited to; flats, high heels, boots, and sandals in basic colors.

The Statement Pieces: To complete the look, search for statement pieces. These pieces can be in the form of jewelry, accessories, shoes, capes, shawls etc., and will be found far and few in between. So always be on the look-out.

Executing The Look: The last and final step is to execute. Some things to remember while executing your look is the color schemes. Remember to always; accessorize, accessorize and accessorize. Wear sunglasses, belts, scarves, support good bags and make sure your jewellery is on point.

For flawless execution, remember less is always more!

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