Collagen shots & anti- ageing supplements by Ambarina Hasan

Collagen shots & anti- ageing supplements by Ambarina Hasan
It’s no secret our collagen synthesis reduces as we get older, causing skin to lose it’s plumpness and elasticity. The visible effects of this process- combined with external stressors such as lack of sleep, poor diet, UV & pollution, all of which compromise the skin’s ability to regenerate, are the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin. Our intake of collagen is absolutely vital, as it improves the skin’s elasticity and supports a healthy skin structure. So it makes sense to take a proven collagen supplement like Veggiecol, a vegetarian collagen containing a highly concentrated and unique extract from egg proteins combined with active skincare ingredients including hyaluronic acid. Clinical studies show that over 94% of those who tested Veggiecol have seen an improvement in overall condition of skin, hair and nails, delivering optimal results with on-going usage. Taken daily, Veggiecol helps to maintain firm, plump and healthy skin from within.

Supermodel Elle McPherson is known the world over as The Body and knows just about all there is to know about leading a healthy lifestyle. She’s a keen advocate of eating alkaline - a current buzzword amongst the health cognoscenti and created the Super Elixir to help us mere mortals attain the healthy glowing skin that Elle is known for. It’s the original every day essential; 45 key ingredients combined in scientifically calculated ratios. It’s a natural source of omega 3, fibre, vitamins and minerals and is vegan to boot and is free from dairy, gluten, preservatives, artificial flavour, sweeteners and fillers. It’s perfect to mix into your daily smoothie, or tastes good enough to be drunk alone when mixed in with water, almond milk or coconut water.

Good health starts in the gut. Everyday new research proves this again and again. In fact, the gut is often described as your second brain. So it makes sense to look after your gut. Your general well being, your skin, hair and nails and even your mood depends on good gut health. A good effective probiotic is your best friend, but not all probiotics are created equal. New Symprove is a liquid probiotic, the first of its kind. Its unique delivery system tricks the stomach into thinking it’s not a food, so doesn’t attack the robotic with acids, allowing the bacteria to arrive and thrive in the gut where it should. Fitness, beauty and health all depend on a calm and well functioning gut flora, so it makes sense to add this into your healthy lifestyle regime.

Working out to look good is always more fun when your workout wear is beautiful to wear. Enter Gibson Girl, a luxury active wear collection for women without extravagant price tags. A collection that ticks all the boxes: technically on point, well cut and super flattering. It’s that simple. A flattering fit is at the core of the brand. Each piece is perfectly proportioned to create the most complimentary and ergonomic lines possible. Each piece of clothing features highly engineered, hi-tech fabrics with 4-way stretch and recovery properties; crucial elements in creating the best-fitting, sculpting active wear.

Tummies look flatter, bottoms seem to lift and waists appear to lose an inch or so. Elevating a woman’s self confidence is an integral part of feeling good about yourself, especially when you’re sweating it out in the gym or running that 10K. This is a brand for independent, confident and stylish women - with high expectations.

Food intolerances are a hot topic yet one of the most commonly misunderstood. Not to be confused with food allergies, intolerances result in difficulties in digesting certain foods; symptoms can take longer to appear than a bona fide allergy and can be varied, including migraine, bloating and stomach ache. Media hype has meant that it’s harder than ever to know what to eat and what not to eat, and with people increasingly self-diagnosing and restricting their diets according to the latest trend (gulten-free, anyone?), it’s more important than ever to educate yourself about your body and your personal intolerances. A diet suitable for one person may not help another as every individual has his or her own triggers. Many will try a food diary or cutting out certain foods, but it can be hard to ascertain what is causing a reaction without professional advice. Not everyone can get to a food intolerance clinic, so a test such as the YorkTest FoodandDrinkScan offers a convenient mail order service available worldwide that will test your body’s antibody reactions to a comprehensive list of 158 foods and drinks. Just a simple pin prick to collect a couple of drops of your blood could be the first step to better health this summer.