What Eid Means To Me

What Eid Means To Me
Muslims around the world are blessed with two major Eids every year. One celebrating the end of the Ramadan and the other commemorating the sacrifice Ibrahim was willing to make for God. Eid is not just a religious festival, but is very close to our hearts as we celebrate with our loved ones.

Celebrations on Eid day have always been hyped up since our childhood. Everything starting from new clothes and shoes, bangles and mehndi, to getting the best Eid presents for our friends at school; the festival had a lot of preparations. But the whole concept back when we were kids was that these presents and preps were not to impress anyone but rather to celebrate the day with our family and friends. Share the happiness and joy we feel, and spread the love! Growing older just shows how ridiculously competitive adults can be.

With the influx of the latest lawn collections, or accessories available online, a lot is being offered in this little corner of the earth. An expensive designer outfit, paired with designer hand bag and shoes, along with tons of make-up which should not belong to a random drugstore around town, is all you need for a perfect social media photo shoot on Eid. Oh and one must not forget uploading pictures of having a barbecue on Eid-ul-Adha (Bakra Eid), wearing another outfit and following the whole gig all over again.

In my opinion, we have forgotten being kind to those around us who can’t afford some of our blessings. Eid was supposed to be spent modestly, rather lavishly. Even if someone would want to purchase something fancy once or twice in a year, it’s either that cheaper clothes are low on quality, or there are no sales, and by sales I don’t mean a rack of old clothes on 20% discount. In other parts of the world, festivities like Christmas, for instance, have big sales so that those who want to buy certain presents that maybe out of budget throughout the year, can get them at least this time of the year.

Eid should be spent with people who are important to you, and are close to you. So celebrate it with love. It is not a race of who can spend the most, and get the best gifts so that everyone else drools over it, but rather teaches us to be humble.

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