Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon!

Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon!

Peek Freans Sooper shared a video on their social media platforms today that showed Junoon alongside Director Marketing EBM Ayesha Janjua, who stated that Sooper has decided to pay homage to the passion or “Junoon” within the Pakistani people by being at the helm of this historic reunion after a span of 13 years. Isn’t this the best news so far in years?

The video had Ayesha talking about the reunion that is taking place and how Sooper is making this all happen! The video also had comments from each of the band members stating their excitement for the reunion, thanking Sooper for their initiative and how they thought this was the right time for this to happen.

We remember a few days back there was quite some buzz over the social media regarding a reunion of a prestigious Pakistani band. Anyone using social media might have come across a video of Pakistan’s premier rock band Junoon jamming along to Pink Floyd’s classic Wish You Were Here. This video was uploaded on the social media platforms of Peak Freans Sooper with an intriguing caption. The caption uploaded by Peak Freans Sooper suggested the band should reunite to create its magic once again and reign supreme over the hearts of all of Pakistan. This has now made clear that Peek Freans Sooper is ACTUALLY uniting Junoon and is bridging barriers between three of the Pakistan’s greatest rock icons.

Peak Freans Sooper is a household name amongst all of Pakistan. The quality of their product along with their engaging marketing campaigns has always promoted a sense of pride and nationalism amongst its consumers and the population of Pakistan as a whole. Their last campaign named “Sooper Hai Pakistan” saw them being responsible for putting yet another Pakistani feat in the Guinness Book of World Records, after constructing the Largest Cookie Mosaic, which was in the shape of the Pakistani flag. This clearly shows their love and devotion to this country and its people. Being the largest selling biscuit in Pakistan, Sooper clearly ensures that it gives back to its consumers and the people of Pakistan.

Now that the air is clear and the official announcement has been made, we begin to wonder what Peek Freans Sooper and Junoon have in store for us. Could it be a new song? A new video? Or better yet, a new full length album? These are all questions that we are desperately awaiting the answers for. One thing we can say for sure is that Peek Freans Sooper has indeed made history for not only the Pakistani music industry but the entire populace of Pakistan, for which we are eternally gracious.