Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?
America goes to the polls today after an 18-month election cycle, to decide the winner of one of the most divisive elections to date. In the next few hours, we will know whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

The concluding, frenzied hours of campaigning saw stars galore, performances and speeches from both candidates. Hillary Clinton was given a 90 percent chance of defeating Trump according to the final Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation stats released a night before the election day. If recent polls are to be believed, Clinton will become the first female president of the county.

Alternatively, Trump has urged his supporters to closely monitor polling stations in case of voting fraud.

According to sources, the night before the elections Barack Obama and Michelle Obama "passed on the baton" to Clinton at a rally in Philadelphia that was later led by performances by Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi

“Tomorrow we face the test of our time," Clinton said.

She added, "a girl like me from the South Side of Chicago, whose great-great-grandfather was a slave, can go to some of the finest universities on earth. Where the biracial son of a single mother from Hawaii and the son of a single mother from Hope, Arkansas, can both make it to the White House."

“Let’s make history together,” she announced to the roaring crowd.

Performances by Lady Gaga and Madonna were performed for the Democrat in different parts of the country.

Trump appeared in Manchester, New Hampshire accompanied by his family.

“I am asking for the votes of all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, independents,” he said, “who are so desperately in need of change.”

He added,  if he lost the campaign, he will consider it "the single greatest waste of time, energy and money".

Who are you voting for?