Get To Know Jahanara Khan- A Trainer And A Lifestyle Influencer

Get To Know Jahanara Khan- A Trainer And A Lifestyle Influencer
Jahanara Khan is a leading specialist luxury service etiquette trainer and a lifestyle influencer with 15 years of experience in frontline retail and luxury brands. She has gained extensive insight in how to best interact and build relationships with clients within a luxury business environment. She has worked in the development of organisational change, enhancing individuals and teams across electronic media. She is now on a journey to navigate through the unchartered territory of life – her digital journey.

Tell us about Jahanara Khan, the woman behind Tvinkal and Jahanara School of Etiquettes (JSE)?

I guess I would describe myself as a mother first. I believe motherhood shapes you into who you are so essentially I'm an overprotective mother hen with almost everyone around me, it is because I've always thought of myself as a mom first! I've turned my passion (mentoring and writing) into a successful reality in the form of JSE and Tvinkal.

What made u choose blogging?

I'm on the go almost all the time and blogs are all the I read. I started Tvinkal because I never found relatable Pakistani content out there, something was missing and I changed it.

Why the lifestyle genre?

Lifestyle genre because the blog reflects my personality. I love to cook, watch movies, travel, shop, meet new people and so on. The blog is literally an extension and reflection of my life!

In which sort of way would you like to inspire people through your blog?

I'd like them to know that as Pakistani's especially Pakistani women, we never need to bow to age old norms and ancient do's and don'ts. It is important to live your life the way you want to. I love that I'm 44 and think and live like I'm 24, breaking all traditional moulds of how women my age are supposed to dress and act! I want women to know it's ok! Age is not a restriction. On the contrary, it's freedom from the shackles of what we consider normal behaviour.

In your opinion do you think influencers really influence people or has it become another platform that makes people feel less about themselves?

Frankly I think influencers need to understand that they have a responsibility towards the people who follow them. The struggle is always real...for everyone and that must never be hidden.

Influencers are on the rise these days. Do you think the actual essence of being an influencer is lost?

I believe in Pakistan we are generally following an international trend and styling ourselves. As influencers we look at it as a career. Brands on the other hand seem to be doing the same. I believe it will take us sometime to actually evolve into true influencers and when we do we Pakistanis will rock at that too as we do at most other things!

How much time do you have to invest daily to create content?

When it was just my hobby it didn’t really take much time but now that it's a full time business, it's quite demanding actually. Fortunately, I have handpicked a great team (unlike almost influencers I actually have a team) and it's a consolidated effort.

Has your private life been affected ever since you started lifestyle blogging?

Oh you can say that! I'm constantly documenting every where I'm going. My family and friends were incredulous at first (I always hated getting my photos taken--can you believe that!) they just have a good natured resignation to my picture being taken constantly. So yeah, I literally have an agenda wherever I am seen!

What advise would you like to give to upcoming influencers?

Don’t think of what BRANDS want. Don’t worry about what PEOPLE want to see! DO NOT follow what other influencers are doing. Be you and let it show. It will all fall together sooner or later.

What are your future plans with Tvinkal and JSE?

Tvinkal is a platform that we plan on using for garnering awareness. You will note that where we are exceptionally great on all Social Media we don't post videos on YouTube yet and that's because we have specific social service related plans for that platform. Hopefully, that phase is going to successfully start next year.

JSE is close to my heart and I hope that in a couple years time I will be able to bring about more affordable trainings to be able to assist more and more people.


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