Momal Makes it to Bollywood Without Influential Father’s Help

Momal Makes it to Bollywood Without Influential Father’s Help
Following the footsteps of Mahira Khan and Humaima Malik, Momal Sheikh is the latest addition to the list of Pakistani actors making their mark in Bollywood. She will be starring alongside Abhay Deol in her debut film Happy Bhaag Jayegi which is set to release  on August 19th, 2016 by Distribution Club across Pakistan.

Momal revealed that the makers of Happy Bhaag Jayegi asked her father, veteran actor Javed Sheikh, for recommendations for the character but he didn’t endorse her. She said,

“My father told them that he has never recommended his children since he wants them to earn a career on their own. Nonetheless, they contacted me and it was only then that I got to know about this entire incident".


Talking about her character she said,

“Zoya, takes decisions for all others in the story. While everyone around me is in the haphazard mode”.

Momal added that her role helps other disoriented characters in the film.

“She is there to gauge the situation and then make good decisions for everyone.”

She stated that it was easy for her to adapt the character since she was playing a Pakistani and they needed a girl who could speak in Urdu fluently.

Are you looking forward to watching this movie?