7 Types of People That You Come Across On Bakra Eid

7 Types of People That You Come Across On Bakra Eid
With every joyful occasion in this blessed country, comes along people to make it even more special and Eidul Adha is no different. From foodies to wanna-be qassais the range of characters we bump into is staggering and here are the 10 types of people, it is safe to assume, we encounter on this Holy holiday

1. The neighbourhood hawk


We all have that one neighbour, most likely an older (bald) uncle who likes to keep a track of who got which animal for how much and later over dinner has a discussion over it with his family adding his own expert opinion, of course.

2. The know-it-all uncle


Whether it's the type of animal, breed, price, meat or best mandi in town - he knows it and is vocal about it, ensuring you know that he knows!

3. Annoying children chasing their animals


Toddlers and adolescents alike chasing after their animals pretending like they are running away. This game just doesn't get old.

4. The gawking strangers


Random people assemble outside your house glancing a peek at your animals and not being subtle about it - if you're lucky you'll catch a remark too. But, if they see you, they'll speed off so you have to be sneaky to catch them!

5. The Eidi collecting children


Those type of kids who just won't accept candy as Eidi; they demand money.

6. The white meat or no meat type of cool kids


They totally didn't get the memo. They will become vegetarian for a week or two but won't dare to go near the meat.

7. Numerous butchers available


It seems like the most popular profession during this time is that of a butcher. Sweepers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, domestic helps, street vendors any person who has a skill or doesn't turns into a butcher for three days. You can find the qassai of your choice - there is never a shortage, perhaps a surplus.

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