14 Fashion Fads To Be Weary Of In 2016

14 Fashion Fads To Be Weary Of In 2016

We're keeping an eye on trends from the global runways to the busy streets across town and breaking it down to find the big common denominators and the 16 things to be weary of. We've got you covered - read on and take some notes to start your outfit planning!


Jewellery on men defines who they are, what commitments they have made, and their status in society. Meaningless hook with no practical utility or relevance to your lifestyle or skeleton watches personality is just pretentious. Even Bapi Lehri thinks it’s a good idea to wear all those gold chains. Wear a watch instead.


Be it brocade, silk or wool, waistcoats are quickly going from a fad to faux pas - don’t abuse it. The trick is to remember the context and what you are pairing it with. A more sartorially befitting option would be wearing a band-galla or sherwani.


Authentic skeleton watches cost an arm and leg, but a replica sticks out like a sore thumb - more like a wrist watch version of wearing garters and corset on the outside. Don’t fake it until you make it.


Cut that shit out, monogrammed velvet loafers are shoe equivalent of Hugh Hefner. And no you can’t wear them casually, unless you want to come off as a fashion causality.


There are better ways to express yourself and never ever wear these as part of your traditional eastern wear or business attire. Thanks to East Asian imports, the market is flooded and we know you are tempted, but you shouldn’t just do it in name of pushing new limits with style.


Lapel pins and medallions are best reserved for royalty and military, sadly for you, there are no pins being handed out for being an average Joe. For the last time, why would you a grown man pin a flower made of fabric on his chest?


2013 called and it wants its pants back. If you don’t work in the creative or performance industry or play on the same team, you shouldn’t wear them. There hasn’t been a fad as injudicious as this widespread trend of men wearing chinos in shades of tropical fruits. everywhere.


In a sensible world, it would be natural to avoid clothes your girlfriend wears. Skinny jeans only work for thin frail body type characteristics of eastern Europeans ala Dior Homme. You are dark haired, South Asian with a pudgy lower half.


Maybe it was cool when only Beckham had it, but when everyone in Bhens colony goes for it, it’s probably time to question your better judgment. Listen intently to your hairdresser when he talks gibberish about your hair texture and density.


Abomination in the name of footwear, better to be listed under effective contraceptives. Square-toed shoes signify your sense of style’s rock bottom. They weren’t cool in the 90s and I assure you they won't be cool-ified in the future.


If you are man wearing capris, you have commitment issues. You can’t decide between wearing actual pants or shorts that end at knees then it’s likely that women perceive you as an indecisive waste of skin.


Unless you want to come across as a box of sweets or filming a parody of Tamil movie star, you shouldn’t be wearing suits in shimmery shiny fabrics - formal wear is not supposed to be overwhelming.


How many calories does wearing gym clothes burn? Zero. Trainers are not sneakers and shouldn’t be worn everywhere. If a person can’t tell if you just got off a treadmill or just got out of bed because of your sweatpants, you have been defeated at life.


Crocs are never okay, unless you are a gardener and leave them in the garden. It’s a choice of footwear that has scarred humanity’s sartorial psyche. Wearing crocs is as indecorous as one can be, there are better options of wearing proper shoes or sandals for that matter.

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