A handbag is, after all, one of the most significant purchases you can make. You need a piece you can rely on to guard and secure your most prized belongings, such as your car keys, wallet, and phone! Plus, when you use it every day, flexibility and style are important!There are also, by the way, patterns to watch this year, from tiny shoulder bags and circular silhouettes to metallic chains and bright colours - designs that are guaranteed to instantly give life to your outfits! And it looks like, the “It” bags for 2021 have it all covered for you: 

XL totes 

Extra-large leather totes are not a brand-new trend, but they're as important as ever. We can alreadt see these being your go-to shape for fast grocery runs, lunches, weekends etc. 

Fringe Bags 

80s and 70s are making a comeback, and if you haven't already, start by adding some fringe to your wardrobe. This pattern is lighthearted and flirty, and the best part is they work for all seasons!

Unusual Shapes 

Choose a bag that's as thrilling as the year ahead, because 2021 will be full of unpredictable twists and surprises. Nothing beats finding something that no one else has, so look for bags in unusual shapes and sizes to add a unique twist to your wardrobe. Change up your look with these bags that are unlike anything you've seen before.

Chain Bags

For a long time, chain bags have been popular. Even with the most basic outfit, a gleaming chain can elevate it to a luxurious level, particularly when paired with matching metal jewelry.

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