Eid Mubarak from Your Favourite Pakistani Celebrities

Eid Mubarak from Your Favourite Pakistani Celebrities
Eid is just round the corner so we asked your favourite celebrities how they like to spend the festive occasion, who they are wearing and what they like to eat.

‎The rising superstar Maya Ali is all about celebrating her Eid with friends and family.

“About two years ago I was shooting for Diyar e Dil in Skardu so it wasn’t possible for me to come to Lahore. My family was going to disown me”, she said laughingly.

Maya likes to go out on chaand raat with her friends and absolutely loves to apply henna.

Our February cover star, Syra Shehroze says,

"‎My plan for Eid is nothing other than meeting up with family. Usually we host a lunch at our house where everyone shows up but this time we're going for tea because we all want to take it easy”.

Syra also dished on her wardrobe this Eid telling us that she’ll be sporting light summery colours which suit the weather.

"I'm going to be wearing this pretty shade of sea green on the first day. It's something Sana Abbas Chohtani sent to me, she's a sweet heart like that”, she said.

On the second day we will see her in a Zara Shahjahan light blue attire.

Syra is working on two films at the moment, one starring Shehryar Munawer in the lead in Pakistan's first sci-fi movie.

Hearthrob Bilal Ashraf who will be making his mark as a lead actor in three films including Reham Khan's Janaan and the big budget film Yalghaar, says that Eid will be boring for him this year due to travelling to London for post production work of Yalghaar. He says he's on a perpetual diet meaning no desserts for him this Eid. We feel sorry for you already Bilal.

The face of Khaadi, Saadia Khan says that her Eid will be with family, eating her home made kheer and wearing different shades of pink. She is currently shooting for Khuda Aur Muhabbat part 2. ‎

Shehzad Sheikh, who was last seen in Karachi se Lahore is ‎working on two really exciting and different serials which will be on air soon.

He says,

“I specially ask my mum to make kheer for me on Eid because it's the best. This Eid I'm wearing a peach kurta with a white shalwar because I love to try different colours every Eid”.

Shehzad’s Eid is normally spent at home with family, visiting relatives and finally a dinner with friends. “A very happy Eid to everyone” from Shehzad.

We asked HUM TV’s best known actor Mikaal Zulfiqar and his wife Sara about their Eid plans. Sara told us that it is a tradition in her family to gather around at her grandparents’ house in the morning.

“My mother makes a special sheer for Eid which is the family’s traditional dessert. Mikaal loves it and so do the kids”. 

The family hasn't decided on what to wear yet but said that they will all be colour coordinated. Mikaal added that spending Eid with family and friends, getting gifts for the little ones and over eating is what Eid is all about.

Ultra dapper British Pakistani actor/host Wiqar Ali Khan says that he will be spending Eid working on a Hollywood film outside London. Wiqar has been spotted at the famous Pinewood Studios, known for the James Bond, Batman, Superman and Star Wars franchises numerous times - can only wonder what he is up to!

How are you planning on celebrating Eid? Leave your feedback in the comments below!