FM91 Releases A Heartfelt Song, 'Strong' This World Cancer Day

FM91 Releases A Heartfelt Song, 'Strong' This World Cancer Day
People across the world commemorate World Cancer day on February 4th, coming together to raise awareness about cancer, engage in discourse about its treatment and prevention as well as ensure the prevalence of this illness is reduced. This year around, FM91 observed this day from the 3rd-4th of Feburary with special, dedicated radio programming and a release of a video made exclusively with an upcoming artist.

The music video is a beautiful tribute to all those who have suffered at the hands of this illness. The message itself is one of strength for survivors that have fought and won the battle, to those who are currently in remission and also to those who silently struggle as they watch their loved ones endure.

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FM91 collaborated with the talented Maria Unera not only because of her raw passion for music but also because of her heartfelt story; her mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away last year. Maria has composed various written songs about the grueling experience ever since.

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Strong being her third single reflects her journey through her mother's fight; how she spent her time being patient, encouraging her to remain positive and believe that God has a plan. The song is heartfelt and has a story that is sure to touch every individual.

Written and composed by Maria,  Strong is an emotional and powerful song, sure to resonate with many who have been in the same position.

FM91's CSR platform 91Cares has released  Strong as part of its Cancer day initiative. The video has been directed by Bilal Khan of Moving Images, produced by FM91 with support from TVOne and recording support by Dixson studios. Our aim is to give Maria a platform to express and showcase her talent as well as show solidarity to all those that have been affected by the illness.