Nothing is the same anymore; Pakistan, particularly with its third-world status, faces numerous challenges simply because of not keeping up with the current. Be it in the department of education or business, the nation encountered an immense knock up, with everything questioning ‘what now?’

Authored by Shanzeh Jalali 

The world, after covid, has changed dramatically. We relearned how to do everything as we know it. Every step we took turned into a ‘new normal’, hence inspiring Eshal Corporation to take a step for Pakistan’s business landscape: they aim to digitize everything.

Analyzing the situation instantaneously, Pakistani-based IT-Company, Eshal Corporation, started to work on making every small business online. The aim of this organization is to provide digital business literacy seeking to boost the establishment and expansion of local businesses - online. 

When asked about the corporation and motives, the CEO and founder-Ayan Shaikh said “Our vision is to build a community to provide the solution to every small Pakistani business to be digital. There are millions of local businesses that need to digitize their systems and grow to boost Pakistan’s economy. I believe we are all set to do this because of the 1st mover advantage towards this mission, highly expert’s team, and the ability to sustain through bootstrapping’’

Shaikh’s vision is not only revisionary, rather a safe tactic for businesses to grow which eventually will lead to the prosperity of the country. To keep up with the trends of today can be a bit overwhelming with the help of people who know Digital Marketing, Advertising, Digital Branding Solutions, Content Writing, Creative Design Studio, Web & Application Development, and more, Eshal Corporation hopes to what they have promised, quality products, and solutions that are easily affordable for the local community of Pakistan.

Whenever something revolutionary paves a way into the market, be it an idea or an industry; it is looked upon as crazy or impossible. The world of the internet knows how powerful media is, how it can make or break anything that it likes or dislikes. Using this to our own benefit and displaying our talents, products, and businesses is an extraordinarily precise way to make your name in this competitive world. Eshal Corporation understood the assignment and is doing gratifying work by helping the people who have talent but do not know how to showcase it in the media.

This solution is built specifically for the Pakistani market. Ayan’s final goal is to provide a complete business solution at one stop. Moreover, they also want Eshal Corporation to become a community. They are developing a social community where small businesses can grow and come forward as leading profitable companies in the future.

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