Ramadan: Finding Bliss In Chaos

The month of Ramadan is nothing short of a festival for Muslims around the world. This month not only teaches us important traits such as abstinence, humility and benevolence, it has also has a celebratory vibe attached to it. It breaks the monotony of our mundane lifestyles and allows us to heal spiritually, mentally and physically. While the world has just caught up on the trend of intermittent fasting, Muslims have been taking advantage of it since ages in the form of Ramadan. Regardless of the fact whether you are fasting or not, the energy around the time of  iftar is so infectious that it is bound to bring people together. If you wish to see the true community spirit of Pakistan, step out during the time of iftar and in every corner you will see someone or the other distributing dates or a glass of the OG Rooh Afza. There’s a sense of peace and happiness floating in the air alongside the aroma of freshly fried pakoras, jalebis and Samosas. The day may pass by lazily but the moment the clock strikes 5, the streets come back to life. On the face it, it does seem chaotic with people standing in queues to get their hands on the best of the street food but amidst this hustle bustle lies the true soul of Ramadan. 

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