Moin Akhtar and Umer Sharif - The Incredible Duo

Written By: Urooj Kodwavi 

Moin Akthar passed away in 2011, and he will always be in our heart. As for Umer Sharif, he recently passed away and the two will forever be in our hearts and prayers. But let’s go through time and see what the duo has done together, the two really changed stage shows and the realm of comedy in Pakistan.  

Umer Sharif was introduced on stage for the first time by Moin Akhtar in the stage play, Bionic Servant, this marked the beginning of the partnership between the two which will go down in history. And it clearly has since I’m here talking about it to you, the two are legends that made history and will forever be remembered for their work. The two had multiple stage plays that had so much success that no one can match it, and the best part is that they gave everyone a laugh. Not just within the nation, but also in India — in a way comedy brought the two rival countries together. 


‘Bakra Qiston Pe’ and ‘Budha Ghar Pe Hai’ these two plays set a new trend in comedy in Pakistan and the people in Pakistan started to watch stage dramas once again. These two plays really set the bar high in comedy, and not just that it also marked their big break — something that gave the duo endless success and rocketed their careers. 


People bought their cassette’s of the show just to hear it and not miss out on the laughter. It was something that brightened up peoples lives, the duo may not be alive but they are surely still making people laugh and smile. They set up a bar so high that no one can reach it, and they changed a lot and were legends — the two will forever be remembered and will remain in our hearts forever.