Iqra Reza Enlivens Feminine Aesthetic With 'Exotique'- Unstitched Jacquard Collection 2019

Iqra Reza Enlivens Feminine Aesthetic With 'Exotique'- Unstitched Jacquard Collection 2019
Iqra Reza launches 'Exotique'- Unstitched Jacquard Collection 2019! After the success of ‘Cataleya Luxury Chiffon Collection’, the multifaceted entrepreneur launches a new collection for which she has created six articles of clothing as a reflection of her artistic talents. 

The Dubai based Pakistani designer has launched this incredible collection with various styling options. The collection will be available in stores and online all through Pakistan. Reza is not only a fashion designer but also a fashion entrepreneur, healer and teacher.

Over the past 10 years Iqra Reza has received copious amounts of success and recognition for all her ventures across the UAE. She has been a frontrunner for Pakistani fashion in the gulf region. Reza exemplifies female empowerment all on her own. As a go-getting woman of many talents, she seeks to bring joy through each of her ambitious pursuits. Whether it be through fashion, hypnotherapy or teaching. Reza’s hard work and creativity is projected in each detail of her designs.

When asked about the collection, Iqra Reza stated, 'the Exotique collection is a narration of the natural beauty and profusion of life that resides within the woman.  The feminine form has always been a muse, an exotic being for artists throughout history. Once worshipped in various cultures, she now fights her way to a place that rightfully belongs to her. Brimming with effeminate opulence, garnished with floral motifs we have delved into some of the many colors that embody the ‘woman of today’. Exotique is a celebration of the feminine splendor be it in whichever shape, size or form it takes.' 

Each piece exudes the modern woman. The versatility in each design is a reflection of the diversity in each woman. Deep blue hues which reflect the night sky against a cool jewelled moon with touches of gold and red. Colours of royalty which make any woman feel like the queen of her own kingdom. The launch includes an elegant beige outfit with floral patterns symbolizing the universal sign for feminity; a sophisticated black and gold piece crisp with designs which showcase grace and beauty in a classic colour; eastern wear with floral embroidery and geometric patterns. A modern twist in personifying the woman of today, 'Exotique' is the celebration of feminine beauty standing firmly in its power.

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