Exclusive: Catching Up With The 'Khaani' Star, Sana Javed

Exclusive: Catching Up With The 'Khaani' Star, Sana Javed
We catch up with Sana Javed and no doubt, she is everything a modern day woman should be in 2018!

Q1. How did you decide to join show business? Tell us a little about your journey to where you are now?

I think every girl has an actor inside her. Ever since my childhood, I always used to imitate Madhuri's scenes in a locked room or dance to her songs in front of the mirror. So for me, the passion was always there. About where I am today; I feel blessed. The journey has been quite amazing but there is a lot still left to be achieved.

Q2. How was it working with Feroze Khan in Khaani?

It was a great experience and I think that translated onscreen.

Q3. How do you feel now that it has come to an end?

I'm very emotional because this has been one heck of a journey for me! As a character, Khaani has been an inspiration, by just essaying the role of a character it has instilled this ideology in me - that no matter what happens, God will ease everything. I truly enjoyed working for Khaani and the love and appreciation that came my way added to it.

Q4. Are you a people's person or reserved by nature? What's your idea about a perfect evening out?

I think I'm an introvert, very anti social and I only gel with people I know really well. That said, I'm polite but reserved with new people. People say I also have a good sense of humour and I would love to believe that! Good food, good ambience and good company for me is the definition of a perfect evening out.

Q5. Who is your style icon?

Not anyone in particular but I love Gigi Hadid and Victoria Beckham's style.

Q6. What is the best fashion secret you have ever learnt?

Less is more.

Q7. One piece of advice you'll give to aspiring actresses?

Believe in yourself, be confident and do whatever your heart says. But the key thing is hard work and never lose hope. Also keep a positive attitude, that also keeps one's mind healthy and will eventually reflect on your work.

Q8. Future projects?

Once again the entire Khaani team is coming up with this new Romeo Weds Heer serial. I am really excited for it go on air because it has been a really challenging role and something I definitely think my fans will enjoy.