6 Things Every Pakistani Does on Chaand Raat

6 Things Every Pakistani Does on Chaand Raat
It’s almost time to celebrate and we just can’t wait. Pakistanis have their own way of celebrating the joy of this occasion and here’s how they do it.

  1. Up on The Chatt, Chaand Seeking

Before the Ruet-e-Hilal committee gives its verdict, every Pakistani finds it upon themselves to locate Eid ka chaand. After Iftar time, half the members of the house spend the next hour on the terrace rummaging for a glance at the moon. Mission impossible.

searching for moon

  1. Get Cooking

As soon as the mom’s and grandmother’s hear of the sighting of the moon, they know they have to their handi’s on. A quick mix here and quick mix there, the whole house smells of sheer khurma which you can’t have till the next day. It just makes it that much impossible to wait for Eid.

  1. Send Chaand Raat Mubarak Texts

Chaand Raat is the time when even the most insignificant people (like the youngest siblings of the house) have non-stop buzzing phones. Your whole contact list starts sending you ‘Chaand Raat Mubarak’ texts and you almost feel too much guilt in not doing the same yourself. Brace yourself, Eid Mubarak texts are yet to come, jamming the entire network system.


  1. Hitting The Lights

A Chaand Raat is incomplete without hitting the markets to see your city adorned with lights. Young girls buy chooriyan which match their clothes and sit in the waiting list at henna stalls. No they won’t quit no matter how long it takes because henna is just too important.


  1. Darzi stress

Moms spend this time of night rather tensed than excited due to endless trips to the tailor. Just like they vow not to sew something perfectly, amma’s make sure they don’t get away with it.


  1. Not sleep of excitement

Youngsters spend their Ramadan waking up till sehri and sleeping all day. Since Eid spirit is all about early mornings the routine can be a bit difficult to fix. To make matters worse, you can’t sleep of excitement either.


7. Get that feeling

It’s hard to explain the feeling of Chaand Raat. It’s warm and happy like you know something good is coming and you just can’t wait for it. For some it’s a feeling of satisfaction after bidding farewell to Ramadan in the heat, for others it’s the joy of good food and family meetings.



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