Jackets You Need For Your 2021 Wardrobe

Jackets You Need For Your 2021 Wardrobe

We've picked an array of Winter jackets worn by top celebs that you can easily imitate!

As many parts of Pakistan slip into the minus degrees, it’s important that you’ve got the right gear for the most efficient Winter wardrobe. That’s why today we’ve rounded up some of our seasonal favourite jacket styles worn by top celebs that scream high fashion, but can be found for reasonable prices at high-street brands (remember to shop online in order to keep yourself and others safe during this period!)

 1. The Golden Puffer


As demonstrated by the one and only Sonya Hussyn, the golden puffer is a striking way to elevate your style into high fashion mediums. Like I mentioned earlier, the best part of this look is that it’s readily available at many big brands online right now with great price rates subsequent to popular demand. The look provides an edge that will turn heads, and wears particularly well as an overcoat that will keep your entire body warm and cosy during the Winter period.


2. Faux Fur

Our first port of call is remembering to be sustainable in our Faux Fur purchases! As long as this is adhered to for the jacket you choose, the Faux Fur look can be timeless. Sadaf Kanwal served us this fur-selfie very recently, that emphasised her golden-copper hair that truly made her look like royalty. We adore this look – it goes great with dark blue denim skinny jeans, or formal straight-legged trousers (with leg warmers underneath obviously!).

3. The Woolly Fleece Jacket


Steering away for a moment towards a far more casual look that you’ll need on grocery trips and daily walks – the woolly fleece is the perfect attire for running your errands. We can assure you that once you wear this, you won’t want to take it off the entire day. Sadia Khan models this look in a chic, informal manner above – a stay-at-home look that will still maintain that element of style that we all aspire to have.

4. The Denim Fur-Effect

This is where the designs get super creative – fur and wool woven patches layered on top of a foundational classic denim to maximise warmth in your closet without sacrificing any of your style. This look is great for odd seasonal shifts, particular days where the weather imitates the temperature of autumn and you’re not completely freezing.  Nimra Khan showcased this look as seen above, paired with correlating denim jeans. Rags and a loose edge – never losing its warmth, this jacket is perfect for the Winter season.

5. Pastel/Beige Long Coats


Long Coats are a perhaps a quainter alternative to the heftiness of the overcoat that can be far easier to wear for shorter outings with lower wind speeds- where the cold doesn’t get to you as much.  Aiman Khan shows her the long coat in a darker pastel pink, whilst Ayeza Khan gives us a mahogany/beige alternative that makes the outfit slightly more formal. If you are trying to achieve the formal look – follow Ayeza’s look and pair the coat with a set of classic black boots. For a more informal mode of outerwear, Aiman’s classic white trainers or plain coloured flats can be a great pairing.

6. Classic Black Puffer

Perhaps the one that you might already have in your wardrobe – the classic black puffer jacket. This jacket is versatile, lasting and unfailing during the Winter period. Sadia Khan put a spin on this look with her low handing puffer collar, that gives the puffer a high-cost feel. You can’t go wrong with this look!

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