Showbiz Was Not Arshad Khan's Cup Of Tea

Showbiz Was Not Arshad Khan's Cup Of Tea
Arshad Khan, popularly known as the Chaiwala has reportedly quit his newly shot career in showbiz.

Chaiwala remained a media sensation throughout the year of 2016. He has been a roll ever since a photo of his went viral on social media. From landing a modelling contract to bagging a film role and music videos. Arshad made it to Hello! Hot 100 last December.

However, in a recent turn of events, it is revealed that the Chaiwala no longer seeks a career in showbiz and decides to bid farewell to his high profile.

Abdullah, Arshad’s manager, said in his interview with The Express Tribune.

“Arshad’s appearance in a recent photo shoot and Muskan Jay song Beparwai did not go down well with his family and peers.”

Additionally, Arshad faced staggering pressure after his appearance in the video was taken negatively. As a result, he has decided to distant himself from showbiz. He has decided to return to his Islamabad dhaba where he previously enjoyed working.

“Since Arshad has quit showbiz, he looks set to return to the Islamabad dhaaba he used to work at prior to his tryst with fame,”

He further said that Arshad was potentially seeking a career in journalism since it is the only path that his family approves and the only kind of work related to the entertainment they have no problem with.