When we think of jewelry, we don’t usually associate it with philanthropy, the two seem to be mutually exclusive. However, inner beauty always sparkles. The true projection of what makes a brilliant philanthropist was highlighted in a recent fashion film and photo shoot with our favorite unsung hero. Pakistani Social Impact entrepreneur who is popularly known as the Founder of ACF Animal Rescue, Ayesha Chundrigar recently collaborated with the renowned jewelry brand Esfir while representing what it really means to be an inspiration to the youth of our country. Chundrigar is not just an animal welfare hero but she also reflects the qualities of a true champion in the face of adversity. Thus the collaboration was aimed at highlighting some of her most distinguished facets. 

One of the key aspects which makes the founder of ACF stand out is her unbridled resilience. Even after various obstacles, she has bounced back in the face of several challenges. Only a resilient woman like her can break away from the shackles and take a step towards freedom. Abundant with the power to heal, she wears the color green in the imagery is symbolic of regeneration and renewal. The gold and emerald set are chosen to represent standing strong in the face of any challenge. Chundrigar is a knight in shining armor for animal welfare because she recognizes the value of empathy and regularly uses empathic education to inform the masses about how to treat animals in general. Embodying this trait in all her work, she dons a gold and pure white pearl necklace, symbolizing the ability to give, accept and care for others.  

Any man or woman of greatness will tell you that persistencewill get you far, well this CEO is persistence personified. She has always stood strong in her beliefs, trying her level best to protect as many voiceless animals from suffering in whatever way she can. She also has the ability to throw off conventional wisdom and shows others the value of thinking beyond convention. Using the symbolism of silver inlaid with pearl, the pieces complement one another as they’re both metaphoric for purity, strength, clarity, and focus. 

Another thing that makes Chundrigar stand out from the crowd is the way she takes on her work with a great sense of valor. To take a different path takes courage and this is represented through the structure as well as pearl. It is shown as something which looks dainty but is powerful within. Full of courage, she never runs away from the battle at hand because the very fabric of her work is based on perseverance and compassion. This humanistic psychotherapist recognizes the value of being compassionate in a society that is riddled with apathy. It takes a woman of pure heart to speak up for the voiceless, and support all other beings irrespective of their species. The ribbon in this depiction is symbolic of softness while the blue topaz is a stone known to represent love, passion, and purpose. Chundrigar is a strong believer in the power of compassion, because according to her if we lose that, we lose our humanity.


Ayesha Chundrigar continues to be an inspiration for the younger generations through her work and characteristics alike. She has made the impossible possible by creating the first as well as largest animal rescue service in Pakistan, a country that has disrespected animals for too long. Despite facing ample resistance on her path, she now creates a ripple effect with her passion for eliminating suffering while rooting for the underdog.