Tassel Earrings: The hottest trend right now

Tassel Earrings: The hottest trend right now
There's a new trend on the block, which really seems to be catching on, locally and internationally!

The tassel earrings with it's detailed fringes and the above-the-shoulder dangle help create a very flattering, neck-elongating effect.

The ruffled and long beaded strands have become a big deal in the fashion world because of the trendy and funky statement that they give to the whole outfit.

Famous brands like Forever21 and Topshop are following this trend too. Everyone from Kate Middleton to Sonam Kapoor are wearing them—Even Kate Spade’s creative officer Deborah Lloyd stated that “Tassels are the new bows.”

Lucky for us, they also work really well with eastern outfits! Saaris and kurtis would look extremely graceful once paired with these earrings - They look best with off-the-shoulder tops because they further accentuate the neck and collar bones as well.

These stylish earrings are the perfect way to add a little more spunk to your look and considering how popular they’ve become in such little time; it's safe to say that they are the hottest trend right now.

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