Discover Deaimer

Discover Deaimer
With the world at full acceleration, doesn’t it bother you that you waste hours over hours surfing through dozens of poorly-designed websites searching for that one piece of clothing that’s probably not going to fit you right?

Deaimer promises to take care of this problem and any other problems you’ve ever faced shopping online. With a professional team having worked with the top international e-commerce sites, we aim to revolutionize how you buy clothes online.

With over 100 brands and designers expected to sign up with Deaimer by the end of this year, you never have to look for any of your clothing solutions elsewhere. For your convenience and to save you a lot of time, we have cleanly sorted all of our products into five main categories namely Western Wear, Eastern Wear, Accessories, Shoes, and Face & Body and further sorted these into 38 subcategories. Furthermore, we have installed filters, filter by Color, Size, Brand, Weather, Style, Year, Occassion/Activity, Price Range, and Discounts, so you never miss what you’re actually for.

We are also proud to announce the introduction of Deaimer Edits - an idea, an innovation, and an ultra-modern way of shopping online. With Edits, you never have to worry about what top goes with what jeans and what jeans goes with what jacket and what jacket goes with what pair of shoes for we’ve already taken care of that in collaboration with some of the Pakistan’s top stylists and fashion gurus. With Edits, we’ve pulled together hundreds of complete outfits categorized into formal, semi-formal, casual, sleepwear, and activewear, with each of them being completely different from the former.

Our future plans are ambitious, so much so, we are determined to make Deaimer the face of online shopping in Pakistan. We plan on signing international brands within a year and will also open international shipping in the coming months. At Deaimer, we are waking day-in and day-out to make sure all eyes are on you, always.

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