In Conversation With Azhar Nabi of The Big Sky Adventures

In Conversation With Azhar Nabi of The Big Sky Adventures
We speak to Azhar Nabi the CEO of luxury travel company The Big Sky Adventures

Tell us a little about yourself.

Being a part of the Trekking Club at Aitchison, I travelled extensively and trekked in remote areas of the North in Pakistan. I guess that’s what triggered The Big Sky Adventures. I have spent most weekdays of my adult life as a banker but for half a century I also spent virtually every weekend and every holiday exploring Pakistan’s wilderness. I was introduced to the countryside before I could speak, and as a lifelong wanderer, I befriended hosts from all over rural Sindh, Balochistan, KP, Punjab, and Pakistan’s far north. I always had two passions: people and the outdoors.

You are the CEO of The Big Sky Adventures a luxury travel company. Tell us more about this. When and why did you start this?

The Big Sky Adventures is based on a bespoke approach. You tell us what your preferences are and what you want to feel, we will then present options and ideas that culminate in a curated, personalized plan where you get to shape every aspect of the expedition you’re going on. I decided to start this initiative in January 2019 to combine my passion for people and the outdoors and ultimately share that with others.

How is the luxury travel industry encouraging greater diversity and inclusivity?

I realized that people are very keen to travel across Pakistan to experience new places, people, food and cultures. They wish to travel and stay in comfort, eat authentic local hygienic cuisines in scenic, remote and safe places. We at The Big Sky Adventures are all about that.

What is your personal definition of luxury?

Luxury is a state of great comfort and elegance, especially when involving expense. We cater end to end keeping the above in mind.

Which place should one definitely visit in Pakistan and why?

It’s difficult to choose just one place to visit in Pakistan. All of the destinations we offer, each in their own way are unique and worth visiting.

COVID-19 has impacted tourism deeply. What all is being done to bounce back and normalising tourism in these times?

We are being very careful and following government instructions and SOP’s whilst looking at what’s happening on ground, both at a local and national level before we resume our trips.

What sort of precautions are you taking to protect your guests and your staff members?

As of right now we are not taking any trips for the same reason as we are waiting to see how things transpire. Because the security/safety of our clients is our number one priority.

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

25 years in the service industry has taught me that managing people’s expectations is primary to give them a 'wow' experience. Our aim is to provide luxury travel, curated responsibly. We exhaust all our options to make sure our clients receive the best possible treatment to thoroughly enjoy their trips.

In your words, how would you describe tourism in Pakistan?

Tourism in Pakistan, is a growing industry. The country has extensive cultural heritage and historical sites of immense beauty that deserve to be explored.

What will one experience when choosing The Big Sky Adventures?

If you partake in a collaboration with The Big Sky Adventures, you will see a side of Pakistan you will never forget. You will travel in supreme comfort while also being in close proximity to the nature around you. And you will contribute to preserving the beauty you see for future generations. Our trips are intended to transform you.

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