Struggles of an Oily Skin

Struggles of an Oily Skin
For people whose skin type is oily, their entire day goes by wiping their shiny faces. We struggle with our appearance and feel conscious about our looks as even the make-up melts off and completely vanishes, we of all people even wake up with an oily face. Mostly the humid weather of Karachi just adds to our misery.

There’s no point dwelling over our skin type, it is what it is but what we can do is take care of a few things and manage an oily skin and not let it get to us or our confidence when we step outside our homes.

1. Wash you face regularly:

Washing your face for clear water is basic prerequisite for healthy looking skin. Make it a habit to wash your skin 3 times a day. Once after waking up, once after your lunch and once before the night. However, washing your face more than that may result in your skin losing its natural moisturizers, so make sure not to overdo it!

2. Use a gentle cleanser:

Make sure that you are not packing your skin with a ton of chemicals from scrubs and moisturizers. Go for a mild composition and try to go as organic as you can. The key to finding the right cleanser is to test out a few of them and checking how they make your skin feel. This process may be tedious, but you can finally come up with the one that is meant for you!

3. Be smart with toners an scrubs:

If you use toners, use them only on parts of your faces that you feel are oily. Don’t use it all over your face. And scrub your face, only once a week and not more than that.

4. Use a water based or oil free moisturizer

For some reason, people believe that oily skin does not need any moisturizing since it’s so oily in itself. That’s not true. Oily skin needs as much moisturizing as much as normal skin does. Just not the same type. For oily skin, avoid oil based moisturizers and go for water based moisturizers. This will keep your skin hydrated and supple without giving you an even oilier skin and massive breakout.

5. Used water based makeup:

The kind of variety that we now have in makeup makes it way easier to care for oily skin. Use makeup that is water based. Use mineral makeup and baked palettes with water. These will stay on your skin without melting off and won’t be very damaging to your skin either!

Hope this helps. Summers are a time to put a beautiful glow and let loose! Why should oily skin stop us from that? Happy summers!

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