Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: The Magical Journey Continues

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: The Magical Journey Continues
J.K Rowling let her fans wear their capes once again and retreat to the wizarding world of Harry Potter nearly ten years after publishing the final book. The new installment dropped at a perfect time, midnight, following Harry Potter and J.K Rowling’s birthday.

Hardcore fans flocked to bookstores to grab a copy of the much awaited novel. Tweets tweeted, reviews written, reactions posted, all within a few hours.

However, several excited readers were peeved upon recognising that the beautifully crafted volume is in fact a script and not a novel. Stage directions replaced Rowling’s narration which had casted a spell on its readers for over a decade. Heartbroken fans did not cease to comment about their starved imagination with many blaming the deceptive marketing for claiming the book to be “J.K Rowling’s 8th piece of the magical Harry Potter series”.

It is indeed not a novel but a screenplay of a stage production that is running in London by the same name. The play is not written by Rowling herself but is a collaboration between her, Tohn Tiffany and Jack Thorne, with former being the director and latter a scribe only well known in the UK.

While attending the play’s premiere on Saturday, Rowling confirmed that this would be the end to Harry Potter’s epic journey.

The Guardian termed the two-part play “a thrilling theatrical spectacle” while a Chicago Tribune review called it “a remarkable achievement from a woman with exquisite taste in collaborators.”

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