Credits: Manahil Naveed

With the festivities of Eid right around the corner, it’s important to allow the holiday’s spirit to sprinkle some excitement into your life – planning out the looks you wish to flaunt at Eid dinners or Zoom calls (courtesy of COVID-19) is a great way to let the festivity wash over you, taking your mind off grueling deadlines and responsibilities for a split second!

Here is a list of 7 easy hairstyles that are sure to accessorize your look this Eid.


1- Let the waves wash over you

The classic wavy hair look is extremely effortless, yet it manages to accentuate almost any makeup look and outfit that you pair with it. Suitable for long, medium, and short length hair, this hairstyle will take you no more than ten minutes to achieve. Paired with a layer of hairspray, this look will last all day.


2- The Beginner’s Braid

An extremely charming addition to your outfit, this hairstyle will also serve to give you the appearance of a lifted face, accentuating your facial features. 

3- Slicked back and casual 

An extremely classy look, this hairstyle will serve to bring back the emphasis on your makeup look all while making your facial features the main attraction. 


4- Fishtail braids

While this hairstyle is a bit more complex, it is sure to get some heads turning this Eid. Gracefully flowing down with your duppata, a fishtail braid can truly highlight the best aspects of your look.



5- Sleek high ponytail

Never going out of style, this hairdo will help put an emphasis on your shiniest pair of earrings. Be sure to use the back-combing technique to achieve the maximum volume out of your ponytail!


6- Lose and lazy curls

As your curls flow with the wind, this hairstyle is sure to make you look nothing short of ethereal. A touch of hairspray will allow you to get the most bounce out of your curls.


7- Bedazzle your hairdo

Add a hint of jewelry to elevate your hairstyle to the next level. Paired with your fanciest clothes, this addition will surely allow you to stand out this Eid.


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