6 Things To Do This Eid – Mental Health Edition

 Credits: Manahil Naveed 

Parallel to the cheer attached to the festivities of Eid spreading to every corner of the country, it is crucial that we also acknowledge the internal turmoil that we face all year round. During the turbulent era of COVID-19, several seats at the dinner table will remain empty as countless smiles will be wiped away - regardless of what Eid represents universally, it is important that everyone is able to manage their mental health this holiday. Whether you are coping with the loss of a loved one or simply feeling the need to put up a fake smile to match the spirit of the season, here are some key ideas and tips to look after your mental health.

1- Acknowledging your demons is the first step towards befriending them

Identifying the sources of your triggers plays an integral part in your journey to coping with them. In such complex and deeply layered processes of self-evaluation, it is crucial to be honest and accepting of even your deepest and darkest demons – jotting down your emotions in their rawest state into a journal can allow you to identify patterns of your triggers.

2- Reminiscing on better days

Living through a pandemic can often times make it impossible to feel joy. However, taking a quick walk down memory lane to reflect on the times you felt genuine happiness can play a major role in motivating you to stride towards witnessing better days again. On the other hand, reflecting on your fondest memories can also allow you to remember all the people who have been the reason behind your smile.

3- Connecting to those that mean the most

Expressing your feelings of gratitude towards those who have stuck beside you over text or a casual phone call will not only make the person on the other end feel lighter, but it will also help eliminate the feelings of isolation and loneliness that may be hovering over you. 

4- Eating a hearty meal

Even though out-door dining has been made a far-fetched reality during the pandemic, you can still avail some great deals to get food delivered right outside your door. This may seem shallow, but food and mental health go hand in hand – eating your favorite meal can do wonders in terms of uplifting your spirits so go ahead and order yourself a large pizza (with extra cheese of course)!  

5- Dressing up for yourself

In order to capture the spirit of this holiday, it’s important to stay true to the traditions you’d normally follow. Even if you’ve got nowhere to go, dressing up for yourself can be an extremely empowering step as it allows you to take control of your circumstances.

6- Realizing that it’s never “too late” and you’re never “too weak”

There are no deadlines for when you can seek out for help. If your mental health issues begin to dominate your subconscious and nothing else seems to work, professional help may be the answer you should be seeking for. Despite the stigma surrounding it, signing yourself up for therapy is in no way an indication of the fact that you are weak – rather, fighting your battles is an indication of pure strength. Suicide hotlines like Umang (+92 311 7786 264) have actively helped thousands in dire need all across Pakistan through providing expert help from trained psychologists.

PS: you are loved no matter how scary your demons are.

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