Half Hour With Hareem Farooq

Half Hour With Hareem Farooq
In our latest April anniversary issue we had a quick chat with actress Hareem Farooq who spoke to us about romance and Paris.

We are celebrating romance in this 7th Anniversary issue. What did you find most romantic about Paris?

The fragrance in the air is spellbinding, especially in Spring− the city just smells like perfume!

What does romance mean to you?

Romance is that utterly wonderful period of feeling special.

The most romantic thing someone has done for you?

(Laughs) Really too many to be disclosed now!

What are the three qualities you look for in a man?

I would have to say height, generosity and humour.

What are your favourite three romantic comedies (movies)?

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Crazy, Stupid, Love. And Heer Maan Ja − which you all will have to wait till Eid to watch.

What was your most enjoyable moment in Paris on this trip?

Discovering Paris − it was overall an amazing and memorable trip for me!

Three places you absolutely love in the city?

Ladurée. The Eiffel Tower, especially when it is lit at night −yeah, yeah, clichéd! And the Champs-Élysées.

Which day did you feel the most fashionable in Paris?

At events, when I got a chance to flaunt the best of Pakistani fashion at the world’s fashion capital − Paris!

Name three Parisian things you loved to eat?

I have to say the desserts, the deserts, the deserts!

What would you love to do next time you go to the City of Love?

Visit Montmartre; there is so much to see there.

What do you enjoy most about travelling to new places?

Discovering their culture, history and trying out the local cuisine.

What is next on your must-do travel list?

Next, I want to do a road trip around Europe with my friends!

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