'Yaar Mere': The Agony Of Loving Someone You No Longer Have

'Yaar Mere': The Agony Of Loving Someone You No Longer Have
In the persistently evolving entertainment industry, a culture that was prominent in Pakistan in the 90s seems to have evaporated over the years. You guessed it right, the concert culture that was so vivid now seems to be a mere memory or tales of the past. Unarguably, the film industry has managed to deliver a few big hits, but when it comes to the music sphere it seems to be rather challenging to fulfill the demands and requirements of the youth that looks up to across border hits for both inspiration and comfort. Therefore, when a platform such as Cornetto Pop Rock aims to revive the pop culture and fill in the void of popular music that the youth is deprived of deserves to be underlined.

In retrospect, the grand platform serves as a tool for giving artists a stage to display their talent and revitalise a culture that otherwise has been forgotten.

After delivering two successful pop solo hits by Komal Rizvi and Qurram Hussain followed by a rock duet by Ali Azmat and Quratulain Balouch, Cornetto Pop Rock 2 reveals its latest release, Yaar Mere, by the powerhouse Meesha Shafi.

Meesha Shafi is no ordinary, she is a force to reckon with being the only Pakistani female musician to perform live in a multi-city tour, and it is no surprise that she is able to bring in the same passion, emotions and energy in her latest song.

The soulful track has all the all the hallmarks of an old fashioned love story: a young couple separated by the usual arrows of cruel fate that can't help but long for each other and reminisce the good times spent. Meesha plays the role of herself as a superstar and her lover, Huni Jalaf plays the star-struck lover and a struggling artist in London. The video features the two in a parallel universe bound together not just by true love but by the song that Meesha performs at Cornetto Pop Rock concert being Yaar Mere and Huni at a street corner. Their memories appear as flashbacks that any young couple torn apart can easily relate to.

Meesha being the ultimate rockstar that she is, is able to seamlessly transition between the roles that we see her in the three-minute long video- from her morning yoga routine to her getting ready and eventually performing. It almost seems as if we spent a day in the talented and beautiful musician's life. The video does justice to the emotions the song evokes, rather it is safe to say that with the lyrics, tune and the pleasant but tinged with sad beat of the track, it sure to touch even the hardest of hearts; having the capability of making it to every young individual's playlist and might we add on repeat.

The song that has been produced by Saad Sultan and written by Shakeel Sohail is a breath of fresh air for the realistic clips it offers and the sights and sounds are anything but ordinary and of course Meesha Shafi for being herself.

Meesha Shafi gives us insight into her experience,

‘I had an amazing experience working on this song. The video is very close to my heart as it shows the aspects of a relationship that are not easily understood and the ones we often neglect but are always defining our lives.’

Cornetto Pop Rock aims to revive pop and rock culture among the youth of Pakistan by arranging music concerts in Pakistan’s biggest cities plans on releasing six music videos.

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