This Stunning And Powerful Lux Ad That You Just Can't Get Over

This Stunning And Powerful Lux Ad That You Just Can't Get Over
It takes something truly great to unite Pakistan's biggest stars on the screen and  Lux has done it aptly!

The renowned brand features  Mahira Khan, Maya Ali and Reema Khan in its latest campaign 'Fans of Each Other' for their latest fragrance, Flower Bliss. The range includes four scents that are carefully selected keeping in mind the different tastes of modern women. The new floral essence leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh and of course smelling great! From a refreshing, cooling scent to a soothing jasmine and almond oil fragrance to french rose to charming lotus, the brand aims to offer you a signature scent to go with your personality.

In the 30 second, three series TVC, the three stars got together to deliver a powerful meaning: three influential stars can appreciate each other and in reality even be inspired by one another.

Girls are usually pitched against each other and made to sound like they are rivals when in reality, they are appreciative of each other's successes. This ad beautifully depicts that. Each LUX girl writes and receives a letter of appreciation from their co-star for all that they have achieved and how they inspire them to do more. The idea behind this concept is, that we all have a fan, an inspiration that we look up-to, but when stars come together, support and appreciate each other not only is it heart-warming but it is a step towards a positive and progressive entertainment industry.

With of course, "Naya  Lux."

The three beauties are individually introduced and they want you to know that it is important to express your feelings towards each other and just because they share the same passion or work in the same sphere doesn't mean that they can't be appreciative and expressive about each other's work.

We have to give props to Lux for the unique yet meaningful TVCs and of course for the glamour that is reflected via elegant gowns that go well with the whole theme of the campaign.

Celebrating the beauty and talent of fellow co-stars, the  Lux Girls are each holding their own. They all look beautiful in flowy dresses, showing their free spirited side, with elegance of course.

Here’s the TVC that you can’t get over no matter how hard you try: