Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

1.Maxi Dresses

 We are totally digging this trend! Its gives us so much creative space to work with. We can style it in various ways – with a turtle neck, maybe jeans too or if the dress feels too plain, maybe also accessorise it up with a belt (that btw, is another major trend of 2021!). Another thing we absolutely adore about maxi dresses is the fact that they are extremely comfortable and work for everything – days we want to be out partying it up and also days where we do nothing but chill on the couch (you won’t need a blanket since it covers the legs!) 

2.  Oversized ShoulderPad Boyfriend Jacket/Blazer


Attention please! Our favourite 80’s inspired jacket/blazer is here  – and we hope it stays..for a long, long time. What we adore the most about these oversized blazers/jackets is that they are a complete look on their own! You don’t have to necessarily do too much – you can pair it with biker shorts, skirts, wide leg trousers and also basic jeans! So effortlessly chic!

3.  Large/Oversized Earrings

XL earrings were one of the key trends at Fashion Week’21. And we are not complaining. This has to be the easiest way to amp up your look! From pairing these with plain button downs to t-shirts, this is one jewellery trend that goes with all kinds of looks (and also saves time on accessorising!!). Watch us jump on this bandwagon super soon! 

4.  Wide-Leg Pants

This season’s favourite fit! It’s time to say goodbye to your skinny jeans because this trend is definitely here to stay! If you are looking to revamp your look this is the trend you should definitely be following. It isn’t just super flattering and chic but also extremely comfortable. Pair it with a button down or your favourite graphic tee, we promise you won’t be disappointed. 

5.  Puff/Balloon Sleeves

Another old school trend we definitely want to see more of. Although, yes it is true that these sleeves can be a little tricky to pull off but once you get the hang of it, you’re all set! You know how they say less is more? Well, that is definitely applicable in this case these sleeves instantly add volume to any shirt and/or look, which is amazing because you don’t have to do much to make heads turn! 

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