2020 Trends That Should Be Ditched In 2021

1. Tie-Dye

Yes, we know tie-dye made a mega comeback and we are grateful for that but you know how they say too much of anything is bad?! That is exactly how we feel about this trend – seeing it on every other person, every other outfit – be it eastern or western has definitely bored us to death! Maybe it’s time to let go of it and make space for other, fresher trends! However, for those of you who might still want to carry it on, you can always try pairing your tie-dye shirt or pants with solid colours or maybe even opt for tie dye bags! Just a tip. 

2. Micro Mini Bags


They are super cute and chic but are they really practical? We are living in the time of a Pandemic where sanitisers and masks are must haves! Is it really worth spending money over when your micro mini bags can not even handle your now basic necessities? We don’t think so. Size and function matter the most! So it is best to bid adieu to these and make some closet space for bags that are super flattering but also feasible! 

3. Hair Clips


Back in 2019 this hair trend was all the rage! However, now that we are living in the new year we would love to see people experimenting with different options! For example; head bands! Would love to see those trending! 

4. Matching Separates 


This was definitely one of our most favourite trends! Tried it, obsessed over it and now we’re ready to say good bye. Why you might ask? Because new year new us! Let’s do some mix and match, print on print and pump up the fashion game! Let this year be all about experimenting! 

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