Rapid Fire With Humayun Saeed

Rapid Fire With Humayun Saeed
We played a quick round of rapid fire with our much loved February cover star Humayun Saeed.

Three classic or vintage films you love?

The Shawshank Redemption, Scent of a Woman, Road to Perdition

Three must-watch films of 2019?

Ford vs. Ferrari, Lal Kabootar, Gully Boy

Three favourite Pakistani films of all time?

Khuda Kay Liye, Actor-in-Law, Teefa in Trouble

Favourite relaxation?

Watching movies and TV series

Favourite travel destination?


Favourite location to film in?


Most recent on-set blunder?

Somebody stole my kurta while shooting the Punjab Nahi Jaungi song ‘Lak Hilna’

Favourite piece of technology you own?

Not really into gadgets

What angers you most?


Your most useless talent?

I can whistle really loudly

Your biggest strength?


Your biggest weakness?


Your idea of a perfect date?

An evening on a yacht, in the middle of the sea

Your guilty pleasure?

Can’t reveal

Your life’s mantra?

Live and let live

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