'Udaari' Encourages Survivors To Face Their Abusers

'Udaari' Encourages Survivors To Face Their Abusers
Udaari is written by Farhat Ishtiaq in collaboration with Kashf Foundation, produced by Momina Duraid. The drama encompasses various issues, depicting two different lifestyles. What drives this drama are its strong women characters, facing obstacles in life one at a time.

The Urdu meaning of udaari is flight, or freedom. Just as its meaning, the drama speaks about social issues like child sexual abuse and rape which are considered taboo.

As we all know women of rural area's in Pakistan live an oppressed life and are suppressed by men. Treated as a much lesser race, women are not given the right to speak up for their rights, or even step out of the house to earn a living. They are submissive. And those women who do are labeled as indecent or immoral. Meera (Urwa Hocane) and Sheedan (Bushra Ansari) have never been appreciated for their singing capabilities until they move to the city and eventually Meera gets noticed on national television, which leads to her music career. However, the music industry is considered immodest in our part of the world, especially for women and girls.


Furthermore, one of the strongest characters in my opinion is Sajda (Sammiya Mumtaz) or Sajjo, who is currently going through an attempted murder trial of her husband Imtiaz (Ahsan Khan) who appears to have a good character to the world especially since he married his friend’s widow and took the responsibility of Sajjo and her daughter Zebo, but in fact he is a paedophile and a rapist, which is discovered after some episodes. Imtiaz’s connection with politicians and the police depict a legit picture of a corrupt system which he uses to avenge Sajda.

Sajda, who is focused on giving the best to her daughter Zebo, tries to kill Imtiaz and flees to her Sheedan’s house in the Lahore. With the help and support of Meera, Sheedan, and Kashf Foundation, she carves a path to a better life for her daughter. Little did she know, Imtiaz is one hard rock to break, he never died but got his hand paralysed instead.

Now, with the help of Arsh (Farhan Saeed) who’s a lawyer, and who has had the hots for Meera since forever, decides to give justice to Zebo and Sajda. This week's episode delivers its most powerful message yet, where Zebo is made to understand that she is not a victim yet she is a survivor. Her scars and wounds of the past should not haunt her but she should fight her demons and come out strong while the real victim here is her villain, Imtiaz.

So far, this drama is gripping and successful in highlighting social issues such as child sexual abuse, rape, and women empowerment which need to be promoted much more on the television so that the general public gains awareness. It is important in a country like Pakistan where the masses are glued onto the TV to be aware of such issues and how to tackle them. Unlike, any other drama it doesn't just have a brilliant cast but an even better message.

I assure you Udaari is not a waste of time! If you haven’t watched it yet, start watching it right now!

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