15 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The #FridayFeeling

15 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The #FridayFeeling
When you act responsibly all week just so you can let it all out on the weekend, Friday becomes a day of celebration. Here are 15 tweets that perfectly sum up our #FridayFeeling

The feeling you get when you realise it's Friday!

The excitement takes over you and you can’t help but get your groove on early

When you perfectly dodge all obstacles and score your Friday, even you can’t believe it!

The only question anyone seems to ask is

In your head, all you can think of is how you and your friends will be spending the next two days

But don’t be ashamed if you want to stay in bed and make up for the hours of sleep lost during the week:

The adrenaline you have before the weekend begins is incomparable

Even Emma can’t help but shake it off

You’re feeling like a champion for making it through the week without having 10 mental breakdowns

So the only thing left to is celebrate

You even act as a morale booster for your peers, telling them there’s only a few more hours left till you’re free

When everyone knows the reason behind that grin, TWO WHOLE DAYS OF NO WORK

And you can’t even deny that this happy goat is literally your twin

So you don’t even try to hide your excitement

But then you realise it's Monday tomorrow. Where did the weekend go?

Do you have any of the Friday Feeling symptoms? 

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