In Conversation With The Owner Of Pan Asian Eatery Bonsai

In Conversation With The Owner Of Pan Asian Eatery Bonsai
Read the exclusive interview with the owner of Pan Asian restaurant Bonsai.

What made you open up a restaurant from everything else? And why, Pan-Asian from all the cuisines?

Food always fascinates me, it keeps unfolding, and it has physical, emotional and financial aspects to it. So I thought that there should be a place which caters to all these aspects. Why Pan-Asian? Because I feel having Pan-Asian food is a sensual experience. It has colour, taste, texture and aroma and a wide variety to choose from. Also, it can be served without offending our desi palate and a promising venture. It’s a complete package.

How would you describe the ambience of your restaurant?

At Bonsai, we take our guests’ privacy and comfort as a top priority. My restaurant is quite cozy yet grand. Our ambience caters to all ranging from a table-for-two to large family gatherings, corporate events or even if you just want to be alone with your laptop or phone.

What are your everyday responsibilities as a restaurant owner?

My everyday responsibilities include, oversee smooth operations of both branches, to ensure consistency in all services, and taste also, to ensure that every guest receives an ultimate fine-dining experience.

How do you set yourself apart and what do you think makes your restaurant unique from your competitors?

Our menu has some truly unique specials like Thai Fish on a Banana Leaf, Miso Glazed Chicken, and Bonsai Snow Mountain Maki, top the list. All these and other dishes on the menu are made with authentic spices and style. Our live Sushi Bar and Live Teppanyaki surely give us an edge above.

Is there any dish that is very special to you? If yes, tell us a little about it.

Thai Red Curry is love. As I said earlier it is a sensual experience, a blast of flavours, silky texture made with authentic red curry paste, fresh Thai herbs, perfectly done chicken / prawn, all cooked in creamy coconut milk served with jasmine or brown garlic rice.

Three pros and cons for running a restaurant?


  • You are the boss so you can take your own decisions.
  • You try to not do stuff which you think is not right in other restaurants.
  • You manage to express yourself, because your restaurant reflects what you are and what you stand for.


  • You have to be on your toes all the time.
  • Have to improvise continuously.
  • Make sure that every guest is satisfied, one bad day or one bad experience can spoil the whole experience and hence your efforts

Tell us which item, on the menu, according to you; will be a fab hit among your customers?

As per me, Dynamite Prawns on our menu are a fab-hit, a complete delight, in terms of taste and price.

What are three tips for running a successful restaurant?

Tip #1 Hire a great Head Chef (if you can’t cook).

Tip #2 Keep adequate funds in reserve as like any other this business it has highs n lows.

Tip #3 Stay connected with your customers.

Three people you’d invite over to dine in at Bonsai.

Mr. Imran khan, Chef Nusret aka Salt Bae and Gordon Ramsay.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your journey so far?

The challenge is on-going which is to continuously innovate and improvise to keep the customers hooked to BONSAI.

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