5 Easy Tips To Help Make This The Happiest, Healthiest New Year Ever

5 Easy Tips To Help Make This The Happiest, Healthiest New Year Ever
Every year, we get a chance to start over, so why not use it wisely?

Whatever change you seek, baby steps can lead to big results. Here are five easy to follow tips to make this the happiest, healthiest new year yet:

1. Let go of something/someone negative from your life

Though people try to add things to their New Year's resolutions, they often forget to subtract things that no longer serve them. It maybe wise to let go or remove something or even a person that takes up a lot of your time but does not add any value to it. It could be a friend who you spend a lot of time with but don't really enjoy being around that much. It may help you to let that friendship take a less prominent place in your life and make room for things that actually matter.

2. Focus on people and your own wellness 

Make more human relations, be good to yourself and enjoy life as it is. Focusing excessively on income and other stresses can cause anxiety and has little affect on your mental well-being. Therefore, it is essential to take sometime off your laptop and interact with people.

3. Instead of a whole year's resolutions, make quarterly resolutions

Divide your New Year's resolution into the four quarters of the year rather than trying to spread all your goals throughout the year. Here's a suggestion, set three doable goals each quarter - one of each of these three categories: career, relationships, self.

4. Drop the perfectionist thinking

The key is focusing on each step in the right direction and not chase after 'perfect behaviour'. Just because you ate one cookie doesn't mean that you eat all three unhealthy meals.

5. Make a conscious effort to unwind

Make conscious efforts to unplug every now and then. We spend so much time attached to our email, phones and Facebook however research shows it's really important to unplug every now and then.

Doing this exercise twice a month would be fantastic, but aim for at least once a quarter, that would be enough.

Happy New Year!

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