Pepsi Battle of the Bands is bringing fire back to Pakistan's music!

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is bringing fire back to Pakistan's music!

A much needed initiative in the Pakistani Music Industry, Pepsi delivered a powerful opening with their first episode. Versatile sounds, amazing talents and stellar music with a smashing panel of judges, Pepsi has the perfect equation to make this show this year's hit.

Pepsi has long been associated with music in Pakistan. From Junaid Jamshed to Junoon to Haroon to Atif Aslam, almost all the Pakistani greats have sung an anthem for Pepsi that became the voice of the generation at that point. And in the opening sequence, you get to see glimpses of the previous headliners of Pepsi's Music.

Making a return back to Battle of the Bands are the Battle of the bands hall of famers, Fawad Khan and Farooq Ahmed alongwith the massively talented Meesha Shafi. Pepsi has put up the best of the best judges for the panel. It doesn't get better than Farooq Ahmed, Atif Aslam, Fawad Khan and Meesha Shafi and the first episode proves that, even though we didn't get to see Atif Aslam in it.

The first episode was 59 minutes of sheer entertainment with multiple bands coming and auditioning infront of the judging panel. The judges were hands-on with their comments and insight. You could actually feel that their comments were very insightful to bring out better in the bands that didn't come through.

But from their judgment and remarks, one could easily tell that there are a few specifics that get bonus points and nods from them. Fawad Khan loves bands that put their instruments and the stage to good use and focused on the 'performance factor', Meesha Shafi would always mention if she felt like the vocals were powerful, whereas Farooq would focus on the overall sounds and technicalities of the music.

All in all, Pepsi is right on the money with their judges and the talent we got to see is a refreshing reminder that we are massively talented as a nation!