Here’s What you Need to Know About Breast Cancer | BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH

Written by: Urooj Kodwavi 

October is breast cancer awareness month, this month isn’t just a month where you see a lot of information about breast cancer, but also a month where we remember those we lost because of breast cancer and a month where people rally just to spread awareness, showcase unity and grieve the ones we’ve lost. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women along with skin cancer, and it is best to catch it on it’s earlier stages. 

Every women must know how her breast normally feel and look, in order to see if they find or feel something suspicious. To find out if you have breast cancer the tests that will be conducted are mammograms and clinical breast exams, women should get this on the regular so that they know if something is up or not. It is best to catch it earlier because it’ll be easier to treat, also some women have it in their genes. For example if someone in your family passed away due to breast cancer then you are likely to have it as well. Often times you can get those genes if you have them removed, but it's a whole process that changes your body completely. This month isn’t just about awareness, but rather support as well. Multiple women suffer from this or know someone suffering or suffered from breast cancer — it’s not just about the loss of a life, but for those who survived and those who removed the genes before anything could happen, for them it’s changed their lives and some have a fear of it coming back. It’s a whole change, and no one can come back from it the same. 

In order to know if you have breast cancer at home what you can do and how to check is by checking if you have a lump in your breast or underarms, swelling or thickening of all or part of the breast, dimpling or skin irritation of breast skin, persistent breast pain, redness or scaliness or thickening of the nipple or breast skin, nipple discharge aside from breast milk, and lastly; any change within the shape or size of the breast. 

The reason women get breast cancer includes several, uncontrollable factors such as getting older. There are lifestyle related risks like birth control pills, hormone therapy after menopause, having children, drinking alcohol, being overweight or obese, and not being physically active. So make smarter lifestyle choices, because if you don’t have it right now or even in your genes then you can do your best to stay healthy and active. And to all the women reading this article right now, go get yourself checked if you think you have it or even have it in your genes. Get ahead of the problem before it becomes a problem, and for those who don’t have a doubt and are on the safe side — pray for the ones who aren’t healthy and as lucky as you. This month don’t just spread awareness, but rather be thankful of the life you have and pray for those who aren’t as lucky. Appreciate life and live to the fullest, because what you have right now is something not all have.