More is Less, The New Style Slogan

More is Less, The New Style Slogan
Back in the 1940’s, there were no dos and don’ts rather, women were obliged to carry themselves in a certain fashion, from wearing those perfectly tailored peplum blouses with shoulder pads to the decadent jewels, the current era has for once, redefined what was once, in vogue.

I mean to say, it doesn’t take countless amount of hours anymore to pull off a look, juggle an outfit a couple of times and you’re ready to steal the show. Now to do that, you might want to consider something extra light with sleeves for your loose linen pants or culottes, something oversized, perhaps a bomber and white to wear as a cover up, and something that you can tie on your neck, specifically a choker for an evening souper aux chandelles, you know, that goes with those flowy skirts and espadrilles. Even a pair of white sneakers or perhaps, stick to the good’ ol fancy pair of heels, adding the right amount of sophistication.

Honestly, it’s interesting to visualise these but here are some of my top two favorites who’ve managed to do justice to their individual style while turning their thoughts into some of their finest looks so far.




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