Lay's Wavy launched its new Flamin' Hot flavor, claiming itself as "HAR CHIP SAY ZYADA HOT." Kurkure and Cheetos hereon, challenged Wavy resulting in a #FlamingHotWar across digital platforms, with ambassadors rallying for solidarity and requesting voters to for pitch their most favorite flamin' hot snack out among the three. The final showdown happened at the rocking FLAMIN' HOT SOUNDFEST!

With a sizzling hot lineup of indie artists rallying for each flavor, a live audience of over 1500 added fuel to the fire with their chants and energy.    

Celebrities and young influencers were all a part of this battle, keeping the high energy! Taha G started the showdown with his opening act. Fireball Maanu was rallied for #TeamCheetos with his infectious vibe which took over the stage, and the crowd almost instantly. 

Maanu’s music just couldn’t get the crowd to stop dancing! Later firecracker, Hasan Raheem rallied for #TeamWavy, and made the crowd sway to his tunes. His melodious sound with a hint of Flamin’ Hot beats were enough to heat up the dance floor! 

Followed by trailblazer and heartthrob Shamoon Ismail who rallied for #TeamKurkure by creating a whole mood with his songs. The crowd kept singing all his songs with him, and the magic being made could be heard from a good distance!

In the end, the vocal powerhouse Umair Jaswal made the audience roar at the finale with a firework display that will be remembered. Along with flamin' hot music, people were loving the flamin' hot merch & hot dishes with flamin’ hot chips to take this flamin' hot affair to a whole new level. 

When it came to good ol’ festival munching, an array of food stalls kept the crowd full with good vibes and even greater food! Mastani created an epic blend of chaats topped with Kurkure Toofani Mirch. Meanwhile, Melt produced a festival menu of snacks that were indeed Flamin’ Hot because of their fun use of Cheetos. Last but not least, Muneeze Khalid incorporated Lays Wavy chips in festival foods like sliders and cheeseballs. Together, each vendor matched the vibe of Soundfest, leaving everyone HOT for all this yummy goodness!